Schedule of Classes for 2000-2001


BS 100 - Principles of Biology

Section 11

Section 12

An introduction to biology, designed around the areas of cell structure, function, laws of heredity, evolution and ecology. There are several other classes offered in the department that will fill the GE requirements. They may fit your specific needs better than BS 100

BS 118 - Field Biology

Class Syllabi

Field identification techniques, ecological relationships, field study methods, and conservation/ preservation practices of natural populations of living species.
Four different approaches to this course may be offered: (1) Field Botany, (2) Field Zoology, (3) Environmental Biology, (4) Wildlife Management.

BS 284 - Ecology

 Class Syllabi

Interrelationships between plants and animals characteristics of aquatic, mountain, and desert ecosystems with emphasis on structure and function.


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